Aligning funding needs to investment goals

Welcome to the AngelEx

Welcome message The startup ecosystem is changing rapidly – global headwinds coupled with the debate over growth vs sustainability are bringing new thought processes among entrepreneurs and investors alike. Realistic targets and valuations seem to be the order of the day and both early and growth stage companies need to take a closer look at unit economics and profitability.

Several start-ups are going back to the drawing boards and revisiting business models and in some cases even their primary objectives. Whilst maximising shareholder value will continue to be of paramount importance, the pace at which it is achieved would certainly need careful consideration. Startups have to give equal importance to the value proposition for their product offerings and bring about the delicate balance between top and bottom lines.

One of the crucial factors that would help maintain the pace of start up cycle is to manage liquidity in the value chain. Whether it is VC funds or angel investments or entrepreneurs’ own funds – liquidity of investible funds in this ecosystem will go a long way in sustainable wealth creation.

The AngelEx intends to help bring about this liquidity from and within the ecosystem through our collaborative platform which will help entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists to interact, understand and evaluate attractive investment opportunities.

The AngelEx is founded by a team graduated from premier institutes with decades of experience in the fields of technology and start ups. We have been entrepreneurs and angel investors ourselves which gives us the much needed insights into the dynamics of this vibrant and evolving eco system.