Aligning funding needs to investment goals

Business Strategy

Even while you conceive a business idea, it is important to have a strategy in place. The business strategy is a blueprint of execution of the business idea and execution is the key to successful scaling up of business that will ultimately attract investors to your venture. A well formed business strategy would encompass all facets of the business – product development, customer adoption, marketing, support, finance, human resources.

Many entrepreneurs think that their start up may need to only focus on product development – however one needs to bear in mind that the start up is only a microcosm of a large enterprise that will eventually evolve. That is the vision for the start up today and investors would be looking at a business strategy that would make it happen.

This strategy is going to differentiate the men from the boys and would attract attention in investor circles. Many entrepreneurs may not be able to spare time for building up a robust business strategy because of their pre- occupation in their core areas of competence. We at AngelEx work together with founders and entrepreneurs to build up the business strategy that finally evolves in the form of business plan that could be presented for investment consideration.