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Events for Angels

Investment in start ups is an involved process in which as facilitators we take up the tasks of introducing start ups to angel investors and vice versa. This introduction is typically done through our Angel Networking events that we conduct periodically in various cities. In addition to being a platform for startups to interact with investors, this is a wonderful event for networking among angel investors, VCs, innovators , thought leaders and the academia.

We would suggest that you register with us so that we can customise the events based on your interests, schedule and locational preferences well in advance. Registration also gives you access to the AngelEx online platform and subscription to our newsletters.


Events for Startups

We at AngelEx believe that individual and group interactions are important for start ups to share ideas, understand market dynamics and get feedback from peers and industry colleagues. To augment our online platform we also organise Startup events periodically in various cities to get together start ups on a common platform that fosters collaboration.

You can avail of our early bird pricing for upcoming events if you register your company with us which will also give you access to the AngleEx online platform. We will keep you posted about our events through our newsletters.