Aligning funding needs to investment goals

Fund Raising

While fund raising during early stages of the venture may seem to be the culmination of all efforts on the part of the entrepreneur it is essentially a beginning in itself. Funding is a sustained process through the various stages of the evolution of a business that help fuel growth and enable wealth creation for the founding team and investors alike.

Although funding looks like an universal standardised part of the process one cannot adopt a one size fits all approach. The type of funding, quantum of funding, and source of funding require careful considerations by taking a long term view of the business.

There are seemingly low hanging fruits that entice the entrepreneur but many a times these have a drag effect on the business either during the next stages of funding or in operational contexts. Equity funding is an attractive proposition for start ups, nevertheless needs careful consideration of over or under valuations that has long term implications.

At AngelEx we work with founders , & entrepreneurs to identify suitable funding sources that would give maximum leverage to the business with the long term view in mind. We help in bringing about alignment between the funding requirements of the venture and the investment goals of the investor. After all investment is not a one off event- it is a business relationship being created for the long term for a common purpose.