Aligning funding needs to investment goals

How It Works


AngelEx is platform where Angels can interact with Start up founders and entrepreneurs seeking funding and non funding involvement. In order to provide the best services we expect everyone to be properly authenticated that helps all constituents. Therefore anyone willing to use this platform should first register preferably through one’s publicly accessible professional profile.


After registration, you can expect a verification communication either over email/ phone from AngelEx. You may be asked about your background and your current work during the call or email. Please note that we would put forward such query to our users so that we can ascertain his or her experience as entrepreneur or investor and to provide the right options for raising or investing funds. If you think you are not prepared to answer such a questionnaire you can indicate that during registration. You can enable that any time after registration through your profile settings.

Profile and matchmaking

Once you have registered, you have to update your profile – it is advisable that you enter as much details as possible in order to improve your profile completeness status that will help in more visibility as well as helping yourself in getting appropriate funding or investment options. Once your profile is adequately updated, we start the match making process between Angels and Startups based on the investment criteria and funding requirements. You can see such matches on your dashboard and email alerts.

Value added Services

Also please note that investment and funding are not purely automated processes – while we use certain degree of algorithms to find matches – an actual deal making would be assisted by us at AngelEx. Once both the angel and startup agree to move forward after the match, we will help in bringing them together either over remote interaction or across the table – whichever is preferable. We help in concluding the deal including statutory and regulatory requirements during which we are supported by our company secretary, accounting and legal associates.


AngelEx registration is absolutely free of charge– you can start posting your profile on the site right away without any cost. The posting will help you showcase your profile to other members. However there is a monthly / yearly membership fee for all value added services and profile matchmaking. As many of the value added services will be customised in nature, you are welcome to provide us your requirements. There will be a success based fees based on the quantum of transaction which will be intimated to you in advance once you start fund raising/ syndication. You can also check out the various service packages and associated fees published on our site or included in our emails or newsletters. We look forward to working with you.