Aligning funding needs to investment goals


image These times are perhaps the best for being an entrepreneur in the startup environment today. Start ups are redefining technology applications, agility and innovation and form the driving force behind most utilities we are using every day. Scaling up is the new mantra and this has been made possible through a wide range of financing opportunities for start ups. However as entrepreneurs we all know the critical role of investment in the right time. Time is of essence for start up funding and a balance between investment and time is critical to every facet of start up - be it product development, marketing or hiring.

Raising funds for your venture especially in the early stages needs concerted efforts. Early stage investors are very choosy about ventures they select to invest in – as it the risk perception is higher than most conventional investments. An entrepreneur needs to establish his credentials both from a business conceptualisation as well as an execution point of view. In most sectors today there will be only four to five ventures that will give the right return (read high rewards) for investments. As most businesses are getting global thanks to the internet, competition from other markets is also getting factored into such investment decisions. Therefore it is imperative that the right business strategy be adopted by the start up entrepreneur before he can scout for early stage funding.

We at AngelEx strive to help you in securing the early stage investments for your venture that is so crucial for scaling up and making your venture worthy of Series A and subsequent rounds. We believe that many start- up ventures can be funded provided we are able to align the funding needs of entrepreneurs and the investment goals of angels and investors. We also tend to remind our clients that early stage funding is far from being an end itself but is only the beginning of the funding cycle if the venture is to attain high growth that will eventually bring the ROI both for the founders and investors.


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